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The Model MZ


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With the UL® certified Shrinkfast® Model MZ, users can tackle those smaller projects and heat shrink film around pallets and odd-shaped products for shipping and storage purposes.

Both business and home owners now have the first hand held heat tool designed to protect both your business and home assets such as patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, sport utility vehicles, boats and more!

The Best of Both Models
Integrating the exposed aluminum die cast body design of the Model 975 with the ergonomic features of the Model 998, the MZ is a perfect combination of both heat tools. Rugged, durable and weighing only 1.75 lbs make the MZ easy to maneuver and tough enough to handle any shrink wrap job.

The Safest Heat Tool in the Industry
The MZ is UL® certified with numerous safety features:

  • "Dead-man" trigger automatically shuts off the flow of propane and extinguishes the flame when released.
  • The Shrinkfast patented combustion cycle allows the flame to burn outside the Başlık and keeps the heat tool cool to the touch during operation.
  • The UL® approved regulator assembly includes an "Excess Flow Device" that stops the flow of propane in case the hose is cut or develops a significant leak.
  • The safety certified 25' hose assembly can withstand up to 300 lbs. of pressure, making it the most durable hose available in the heat tool industry.
  • The MZ installs in minutes and operates from a standard BBQ grill-style propane tank.
  • Each MZ is individually tested for peak performance and safety before shipping.

Patented Ignition System
The MZ offers an innovative, ignition system that does not require a Buji ! The easy to use trigger igniter utilizes a combination of a piezo crystal and electrode to provide a quick, reliable spark with every pull.

Customer Service & Warranty
Made in the U.S., all Shrinkfast products come with a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. Shrinkfast also offers a full service repair facility in Newport, New Hampshire and an on-site technical training program.



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